the problem
The existing email design is dated. Goodyear branding is secondary and hidden. Space isn't well utilized, resulting in a longer email with more scrolling. The CTA drives users to a website rather than promoting store location foot traffic. The coupon redemption process is not clear.
the goal
Improve click-through rates for the 2019 program by optimizing and improving the email design

2018 email design

the solution
The updated design makes the Goodyear brand prominent. Eliminating the dealer logo from the header creates a more consistent email execution across all dealers. The new CTA shifts focus to foot traffic with a "Get Directions" button. A "Print Coupon" button makes the coupon redemption process more clear. A second CTA area below the coupon offer gives recipients another opportunity to contact the dealer directly to schedule an appointment. Legal mandatory verbiage was consolidated to improve spacing throughout.
a/b testing
In order to further optimize the email program and CTR, I created a second version of the design with a condensed header image to minimize scrolling down to reach the CTA.

Final A/B Test Alternate Layouts

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