As a final project for my web design course at General Assembly, I was tasked with the design and development of a fully responsive website. The content of the site was left open-ended and up to each student to choose. 
I used this project as an opportunity to develop a faux brewery brand inspired by my university art and design building and the creatives in residence there.
brand development

visual inspiration

Riley Hall was lovingly known as one of the messiest buildings on campus. It housed a variety of studio spaces, including graphic design, industrial design, darkrooms, painting & drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, and a wood shop. The worn and familiar tools of artists at work inspired the brand's industrial flair.

typographic exploration

The typographic voice of the brand blends the strength and dependability of an artist's tools and materials with the thoughtful refinement of artistry and craftsmanship.

logo exploration

product label lockups

label artwork inspired by photography, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, and painting
product can and serve imagery
tap handle mockups
website development
wireframe sketches

high fidelity photoshop mockup of the site header

My very first attempt at fully coding a website!
email design
In addition to the responsive website, we had the option to design an email as well. I decided to create a new limited edition product (Winter Break) for the brewery to send a launch email about.

email design mockup

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